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The Island of Spetses

Spetses is a luxurious green island, known from the antiquity as Pittioussa - the pine-Clad.

Nowadays, it's characterized as the Saronic Gulf's Diamond!

Famous for its recent History (approx. 200 years ago) by the Only Female Captain globally, the Heroine Laskarina Bouboulina,  as well as for many other Heroic Features that are evident all around the Spetses Town.

We strongly recommend you to visit the L. Bouboulina's Museum and experience  it's fascinating tours, as well as the State Museum which includes findings of the most ancient ship-wreck ever discovered.

Don't miss the lovely walk towards the Old Harbor, along the  Old Captain Noble Mansions, leading to the St. Nicholas Spetses Cathedral, where the island's Captains, back in 1821 took a vow either to liberate Greece or to die.

The way to the other end of the island, towards the Anargyrios College, is equally beautiful. Walking along the beach, and enjoying the heavy shadow of the Pine-trees, just a couple of meters by the sea, will grant you with an unforgettable experience!

The traditional boats (kaiques) will make your way to the Ag. Anargiri Beach, where after a few minutes walk you may find the small Cave, popular for its two entrances; either by sea or by the small opening, in the land.

We could write a book, on what to see in Spetses, but the wisest thing to do, is to offer you the chance to discover all the magic places around any little corner or behind a beautifully embroidered gate!

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